Traffic Rider Mod APK 99MB-Free Cheat & Games

  • Name
  • Traffic Rider Mod APK
  • Size
  • 99 MB
  • Latest Version
  • 1.70
  • Publisher
  • Publisher Soner Kara
  •  Requirements
  • Android 5.0
  • Category
  • Racing
  • Unlimited Gold/ Coins
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlock All Levels
  • Unlock All Bikes
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Disk space: 500 МB
  • Android Version +5.0

The devices nowadays are available with enormous storage capacities comprising of over hundreds of Gbs storage space to accommodate all your heavy files, videos, applications and stuff. However, on some occasions, you may run out of space if your device does not have additional storage option, such as a memory card slot, and you are unwilling to spend money on online cloud storage. Therefore, we have introduced the version of Traffic Rider, Mod apk 99 MB which will save on many Mbs on your device and still let you enjoy the most important and key features of the game for unaffected gaming experience.

Racing games can always turn out to be very addictive and satisfying to play as they involve a feeling of competition, without having to involve much of complexities and complications of playing competitive games. Most of us started playing racing games back in the golden era of the 90s, playing Need for Speed on PCs, and with the passage of time, as the developments in smartphone technologies came about, the trend shifted to playing racing games on mobile phones. Combining racing games with a touch of reality brings about more challenging and interesting scenarios which can make the game a lot more involving to play. Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 Mb tests the capacity and skills of a gamer in a similar fashion. Without having to indulge in core high speed racing modes, the player can go neck to neck with any opponent. It is a peaceful game with no violence or harm and hence suitable for the children as well.

For the automobile enthusiasts, Traffic RiderMod apk 99 MB can prove to be a game of passion and a matter of interest. Racing games can be very addictive and also accurate because of the fact that the cars featured in the games are mostly real and they come with similar specifications, appearance, feature and details in the car games, so they are more of a simulation of a real life car sports. Similarly, the bikes featured in Traffic Rider are also existent in real life which automatically grabs the interest of a bike enthusiast and makes the game very interesting for him.

What is Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 Mb?

Let’s discuss the core aspects of the version of Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 MB and find out what is unique in this game and why it has gained so much popularity across the globe such that it has almost 7 million downloads from almost all parts of the world.

Traffic Rider undoubtedly has one of the coolest graphics and most catchy sound effects amongst all the racing games out there. While playing from the first person perspective, it gives you much of a realty based experience while playing and turns out to be more of a bike riding simulator than being a bike racing game. It offers you with an intricately detail oriented and fine gaming experience. The game’s most contemporary arrangement,, 1.81, includes a 99 Mb Mod APK version. version (introduced last year in December) updated just a few days ago on the Google Play store. Thereby you get to enjoy the latest features in the game and get to compete with most of the people out there playing the game as the latest version is always the most popular one at a single instant.

To make the game more interesting for its players and attractive for most of the bike race enthusiasts from all over the world, Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 MB features a career mode which enables you develop your bikes and skills with the increase in number of races and tournaments you have participated in and with more and more of the missions you complete.  The FPP view (first person view perspective) coupled with amazing graphics, and bike sounds recorded from real life, makes the game feel as good as driving in real, and keeps its users interested in this genre of gaming.

Your mission is to get yourself seated over the wheel of a robust iron beast, and give it as much gas as possible considering the traffic conditions, so it take you as far as possible within as little of time as possible. With the excellent graphics of the game, maneuvering through the cars and vans which are cruising on the highway becomes a fun activity. Develop your career, improve your skills, gain as many points as you can and compete on higher levels in the game to get your name through to the leaderboards of the game.

Notable features of Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 Mb

Some other notable features of this game, which make this game popular amongst its users and have earned it very good reviews and rating on Play store are mentioned as follows:

This game is accessible and available for free. 

Free Download!

We can’t get through this descriptive without mentioning the most notable aspect of Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 Mb, it is totally free! Yes you heard that right, you do not have to pay a penny to get this game and if some website demands you to pay for its Modded APK file, beware, it could be a scam!

To make it simple, by clicking the download button on our website, you can get the 99 Mb Mod APK file for Traffic Rider with all the amazing features and key aspects such as twice the number of lives, unlimited money, variety of bikes to play with and what not! This edition is an entire bundle, to put it simply.

Latest Version

As we mentioned earlier,  As we mentioned earlier, the 99 Mb Mod APK file is available with the latest version of Traffic Rider which is 1.81. The better HD visuals on this one sweeten the whole gaming experience. A new season in the track is also available and you get to perform your missions during the day, night and under all sorts of weather in the game.

The tracks and background music have been improved to engage the player better than before. The game provides support for many different languages, so you can choose any country language whether it be French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, English (UK), English (US), etc. This is to cater players from a majority of countries of the world.

New missions have also been added in the latest version, so if you have finished all the missions in the previous version, there is more stuff for you and more challenging tasks to complete this time around. It also features the coolest and the most powerful bikes which making the ride a lot more fun. The latest version comes with more modifications and improvements in the bikes them and you can take them on adventures wherever you feel like going.

Unlimited Money!

For us free means actually free! So you do not have to spend a penny from your pocket to buy coins or gold in the game as the Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 Mb version offers unlimited money for its players and downloaders. It is a bonus from our end and a gift from our side for those who trust our website and regularly visit us for more interesting stuff and updates.

With unlimited money that is available in the game, you get the chance to enjoy dozens of perks and benefits. It enables you to buy the best bikes in the game equipped with the most powerful and fast engines with the best dynamics. You can spend the money to modify your bikes according to your liking, so that you get to feel the sense of pride and ownership.

Another benefit of having unlimited money is that you can unlock more highways and locations so that you get to enjoy the game in different varieties of sceneries, weather and different parts of the day, which makes the experience to never get boring and always has something different to experience for its players.

All Unlocked

Yes, you have it all unlocked! The Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 Mb has given you access to all of the stuff in the game, so that you get to enjoy the best gaming experience. You can grab all the items in the store such as bike accessories, spare parts, modification material and some cool stuff and apparel for your rider as well. You can also enjoy all the other features available in this version of the game, while not having to worry about losing your life in the game, because you get maximum extra lives if you download the Mod APK 99 Mb version from our website. Enjoy you game without any breaks!

As we have mentioned before, you get unlimited cash and unlimited gold if you download this version, so you’ll be able to buy literally anything on the store and play the game the way you want. You have unlimited keys so you can enjoy all the hidden features and stuff in the game which are usually not accessible initially in the game. For your convenience, we have also removed all sorts of ads and sponsorships from this version of the game, as we understand how frustrating they can turn out to be at times.


The Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 Mb version is a very fun game to play in your free time and good for the children as well as it helps them develop their decision making skills and quickens their response time. It allows you to enhance your gaming capabilities by competing in international tournaments. The engaging soundtracks and lively graphics make it a treat for the ears and eyes. So what are you waiting for? Download Traffic Rider Mod APK 99 Mb and get going!

For any queries or issues from your end, feel free to reach us out!


It has a pretty massive map with over 40 levels

The highest score so far is 18,180 by ItzJhonny who is at the top of leaderboard.

Traffic Rider is an online game which is also playable without download as an HTML5 game, but it can also be played offline with lesser features and fun.

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