Traffic Rider APK 2023 Latest Version 1.95 Download

traffic rider apk

Sure, let me explain the best features of Traffic Rider APK in simpler terms:

Size:133 MB
Requirements:5.0 and up
Get it on:Google play store
Developer:Soner Kara

Traffic Rider APK Best Features

Camera View:

Yes, that’s correct! One of the best features of the Traffic Rider APK is changing the camera view while riding your bike.

This unique feature is not found in many racing games, and it allows you to see your bike from different angles and enjoy the game from a new perspective. This feature adds a whole new level of immersion to the game, making it more enjoyable for players.

Different Seventy Missions:

Yes, that’s right! Another great feature of Traffic Rider APK is the variety of missions available in the game.

With over seventy different missions, each with unique features and rules, players can enjoy various challenges as they progress through the game. The difficulty level increases as you complete each mission, adding a sense of challenge and excitement to the gameplay. This makes the game more engaging and fun for players and keeps them returning for more.

Different Environments:

Yes, that’s correct! Traffic Rider APK offers various environments that provide a realistic experience of riding a motorbike in different conditions.

With day-to-night transitions, different weather conditions, and various landscapes, players can enjoy a diverse and immersive gaming experience. This keeps the game interesting and engaging and prevents players from getting bored with the same environment. So, you can enjoy the game in different environments and have fun while riding your bike.

All Kinds Of Bikes:

Absolutely! Traffic Rider APK features various bikes that cater to different preferences and tastes.

With 29 bikes, players can select their favorite bike and enjoy the game in their style. Each bike has unique characteristics and performance, adding a new level of excitement to the game. Whether you prefer sports, cruisers, or street bikes, you can find your perfect ride in Traffic Rider APK and have a great time playing the game.

Multiplayer Mode:

Yes, you are right! Traffic Rider APK offers four different multiplayer modes to choose from. The first mode is the career mode, where you can complete different levels in the UK and Turkey and earn money as you progress through the game.

The second mode is the endless path mode, where you have to ride your bike without hitting other vehicles and set a high score record.

The third mode is the time trial mode, where you have limited time to score as many points as possible without crashing into other vehicles. And finally, the fourth mode is the free ride mode, where you can practice your bike driving skills without any time limits or restrictions.

These four modes provide a variety of challenges and gameplay options for players, making the game even more enjoyable and engaging.

Nineteen Excellent Languages:

Yes, that’s correct! One of the best features of Traffic Rider APK is its support for multiple languages.

 With more than 19 languages available, players can easily translate the game into their preferred language and understand the instructions easily.

This feature makes the game accessible to a wider audience, regardless

of their location or language, and ensures that players can fully enjoy the game without language barriers. So, you can easily choose your preferred language and enjoy the game without any language-related issues.

How Can We Download This Traffic Rider APK On Our Mobile?

Sure, I’ll happily provide instructions on downloading Traffic Rider APK on your mobile device. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Tap on the download button provided above to download Traffic Rider APK.
  2. Wait for the download to complete.
  3. Go to your device settings.
  4. Look for the “Security” or “Privacy” option in the settings.
  5. Enable the “Unknown sources” option to allow the installation of third-party APK files.
  6. Locate the downloaded Traffic Rider APK file in your device’s file manager.
  7. Tap on the APK file to start the installation process.
  8. Wait for the installation to complete.
  9. Once the installation is complete, you can open the game and start playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, there are no ads in the Traffic Rider APK game. This means you won’t see annoying ads while playing the game.


If you want to have fun in your free time, try playing Traffic Rider. It has many challenging levels that will keep you entertained, and you won’t get bored easily. You can download the game by clicking on the download button. If you have any questions about the game, please ask me in the comment box, and I will do my best to answer them.

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